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Prepaid credit cards

One of the smartest ways to manage your money is by using prepaid credit cards. Instead of taking your money with you everywhere, prepaid credit cards offer the highest level of reputation, protection and security of a prepaid credit card.

With your prepaid credit card, all you need to do is load it with money and use it to make purchases anywhere in the world, both online and to pay bills, reserve hotels or airline tickets.

To get your own prepaid credit card, No credit check is necessary, and you will not have to wait long for your prepaid credit card to be approved. Was the confirmation process is ready, your card will be sent to you in 24 hours. With more than 33 million locations worldwide, you can easily make payments at no charge online at any site where Visa is accepted. Just like any Visa credit card, you can withdraw money from any of the 1.2 million ATMs worldwide. The prepaid credit card is one of the multiple cards officially licensed by Visa.

Prepaid cards not having the Visa logo inserted are easily detected as debit or conventional prepaid cards, and they are not accepted worldwide, especially at hotels, stores or rental car stations where Visa credit cards are usually accepted.

Prepaid credit cards come without any credit facility and their bearers may only spend the total amount of money loaded on the prepaid Visa. Anyone over 18 can use these cards. With the prepaid credit card, you won't have to worry about or be afraid of getting in debt or making heavy expenses. When you have the prepaid credit card, you always keep your personal information safe and without being identified, because your prepaid credit card is strictly separated from your bank account and credit card, and personal information can never be touched in the case of a loss or phishing while you use your card for online payments or when you travel.

Most clients who use the prepaid credit card have seen it as an addition to their current credit card and it offers them an alternative to their current bank account.

Reasons to use a prepaid credit card

There are several advantages when you have a prepaid credit card in your pocket. With all the benefits and features of the card, you are well covered in the event of any fraudulent activity.

  • Emergency situation - the prepaid card can be loaded quickly via cash transfer
  • Rent a car without making any cash deposit
  • Cut costs from travel bills
  • Ayuda a reducir efectivo cuando se hacen pagos por adelantado.
  • 24/7 access for withdrawing money from ATMs all over the world
  • Detailed summary of corporate and employee expenses
  • Payment and expense management center

The prepaid credit card is based on prepaid payments with a personal card account and a wide range of online banking functions. Once the details of your account have been confirmed, your prepaid credit card account will be created and you can start depositing money in that account. The card account can be loaded using any of the payment systems accepted by BANANA00.

The prepaid credit card may also be loaded via wire transfer from any global bank or money transfer, including the account of a third party who is a member of your family or a friend. You may also pay your bills online via your card account.

Options for your prepaid credit card

Your prepaid credit card may be loaded with transfer, SWIFT or Money Transfer (money transfer exchange rates will be applied in and out).

Prepaid Credit Card FAQ

How I can get an offshore prepaid credit card?

In the offshore sector, a credit card is a debit card or prepaid card because no foreign or off-shore bank will give you actual credit. This means that with the prepaid credit card you can only spend the amount loaded on it. The offshore prepaid credit card is issued by offshore banks that have an agreement with Visa, MasterCard, etc. or by companies that have areements off-shore banks. In order to protect their customers, those same offshore banks are trying not to issue cards linked to the account. Therefore, if a fiscal check finds a credit card, this card can-not be linked to the account holder. That is why many offshore banks offer their customers cards from other companies and not cards issued by the same bank.

To apply for an offshore prepaid credit card, all you have to do is fill out the form, pay man-agement fees and an initial fees and send it. The cards are issued weekly; every Tuesday.

How long does the process take?

One week. Any card that remains unfunded for 30 days is cancelled without a refund of the amount paid because each card has a management fee.

What are debit cards?

They are cards with which the card balance can be spent. They are usually linked to a bank account.

What are prepaid debit cards?

They are reloadable cards that allow you to either spend or withdraw the loaded amount and they are not linked to a bank account related to the holder.

Who can get an offshore credit card?

Anyone because since it is not a credit card, it is not necessary to check the person’s credit history. You must be over 18.

What are the advantages of offshore prepaid credit cards?

The advantage of an offshore prepaid credit card is that it is not connected to the banking system of the holder’s country of residence so expenses and withdrawals cannot be monitored by the financial authorities. Obviously, you should be cautious and use the card where a tax code or other dcoument is not required. This card is perfect for buying luxury items without the financial authorities being informed.

Is it legal to have an offshore prepaid credit card in a country with high taxes?

Obviously, offshore prepaid credit cards are used so that income earned cannot be detected. All citizens have the right to have offshore credit cards bank accounts, but they must declare them on their tax returns. In any case, it is very difficult to demonstrate that the card was used by you personally. The risk is minimal and there is no criminal penalty because the authorities cannot prove how much mony is deposited on the card, whether it has been loaded and by whom.

How is an offshore prepaid credit card reloaded?

Cards must be reloaded through our accounts and will be credited to you according to the card limits and your instructions.

How long are offshore prepaid credit cards valid?

Usually 2 years. After this period, you can renew with the same system.

Is it possible to apply for an offshore prepaid credit card online?

Cards can be ordered online by filling the site application form. You must attach a copy of your passport or ID (front and back in the case of a passport, the front cover as well), copy of proof of address or utilities (electricity, water, telephone or bank statement) containing your address. The card will only be sent to the address that appears on the proof of address fur-nished.

What is the minimum balance you have to have on a prepaid card?

20 €

What spending and reloading limits do your offshore cards have?

They have a monthly limit of €10,000, €750 for the first load.

Are there nationality restrictions to apply for an offshore prepaid credit card?

There are obviously some nationalities that can set off alerts, both ours and the bank’s. For instance, if an Afghan purchases a card and loads it with thousands upon thousands of dol-lars, it is normal for the alarm monitoring what he is purchasing with this card to be set off; but generally, there are no restrictions.

Do offshore prepaid credit cards work for online betting sites?


Can the balance of an offshore prepaid credit card be monitoried online?

Yes Each card has an Internet Banking account. The balance can be checked at any time, but the transactions of a bank account cannot be performed.

Can money be sent directly to the card?

No, because it is not a bank account. This is the main difference. The card has Internet Bank-ing, but you cannot send and receive money directly on the card. Cards should always be re-loaded through us.

Is it possible to make withdrawals at any ATM?

Yes. No problem at all. Money can be withdrawn according to national ATM limits. Each bank and/or country sets a limit of money that can be withdrawn from its ATMs. The cards are on the international circuit. Therefore, the withdrawal cannot be linked to the holder.

Can the card can be used to verify a PayPal account?


I received the card, but not the PIN number, what I have to do?

In order to receive the PIN the cardholder will need to ring the telephone number which is on a letter attached to the card. This will take to an Automated Telephone Information System, where he will need to enter security details and he will retrieve the PIN.

How can I check my card balance?

To check your card balance online please go to:

How do I reload my card?

Please check instructions in the page:

Fees table

Description Currency
On Application EUR USD
Card Activation Fee Free Free
Initial management fee 26.00 € $ 26.00
Monthly fee 2.95 € $ 2.95
Load limits/ year 80,000 € / 200,000 €
Initial Limits EUR USD
Minimum load amount 45.00 € $ 45.00
Maximum load amount 500 € $ 500
Maximum Card Balance 20,000 € $ 20,000
Max load (Online) 5,000 € $ 5,000
Card load by BANANA00 3% 3%
Maximum ATM Withdrawal 600 € $ 750
Maximum Card Balance 10,000 € $ 10,000
POS Maximum Daily Spend 20,000 € $ 20,000
Retail Purchase Fees EUR USD
Retail purchase transaction – Outside UK 0.35 € $ 0.35
Declined transaction fee 0.55 € $ 0.55
ATM withdrawal – UK (of amount withdrawn) 1.5%(min 1.50 € max 5.60 €) 1.5%(min $ 2.00 max $ 7.50)
ATM withdrawal – Outside UK (of amount withdrawn) 2.95 € $ 3.45
ATM Balance Enquiry fee 0.35 € $ 0.35
Over the counter cash advance – Outside UK (of amount withdrawn) 2% 2%
SMS balance enquiry check
SMS card block/unblock Free Free

Fees table

Description Frequency Currency
On Application   EUR USD
Purchase transaction Per transaction $0.00 €0.00
Monthly maintenance fee Per month $1.00 €1.00
ATM PIN change fee Per transaction $1.00 €0.80
Card replacement Per ocurrence $9.00 €8.00
Expedited shipping Per ocurrence $75.00 €69.00
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