The agreement between Google AdSense and the BANANA00 Marketplace offshore e-wallet of the OPM SECURITY CORPORATION allows editors of websites and blogs to collect the income obtained from the publication of Google ads, in their BANANA00 Marketplace master account.

The Google AdSense is one of the most used programs for monetizing a blog or website. It’s very simple to use: the editor allows Google AdWords ads to appear on his site, depending on the theme being addressed. The more visitors that visit the site and more clicks on each link for these ads, the greater the money that Google will pay the editor.

Therefore, Google AdSense acts as an intermediary between the announcers that search for spots on websites to show their products and services and the content editors (bloggers, app creators, etc.) who offer these spaces in their blogs, videos and apps. All of this is carried out automatically and with monitoring algorithms that utilize some of the internet surfer’s data to show him just the contents most related to what he’s looking for.

For a long time, one of the biggest complications for editors came at the moment of collecting their advertising income. Google works with Western Union or makes deliveries with traditional mail, and this isn’t even in all countries. Both mechanisms arouse doubts, in some cases because of the high commissions and in others because of the intermittency of regular mail.

Now these problems have a solution, because with the agreement between BANANA00 Marketplace and Google AdSense, people can manage their AdSense advertising from the master account in the offshore e-wallet and collect monthly online, without further problems.

In addition, you can share your BANANA00 Marketplace account with other people, among family members, friends, collaborators and employees, and assign them different access levels, to help manage your own account as well as the access of others.

BANANA00 Marketplace users have various options or managing their AdSense account on the platform. For example, they can see, edit, and administer any part of an account, as well as have access to their statistics to see what they have generated; however, they can neither see the list of other users who have access to this account nor can they concede access of new users to the account or change permission of the other users.

The relation established between Google AdSense and BANANA00 Marketplace is very good news for web editors, because they already have a way to collect online the money they earn by ceding space a space on their site, for which the world leader in searches automatically places advertisements.