Currently, more and more companies are using encrypted mail or message services like to send their communications. This seems to be a reasonable decision, especially when analyzing the situation we are living in, after the revelations from WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden which show the plans of more than a few governments to control all types of their citizens’ communications, without the need to request legal permission.

The need to maintain secure communications isn’t just a part of the big companies’ interests, but more and more citizens are also opting for safer search engines that impede, or at least make work more difficult for intelligence agencies. Faxes and encrypted mail seem to be among the most commonly used options. Fax services have the advantage of being capable of sending documents to standard fax machines, while encrypted mail or message services can’t do this; however, many experts continue to identify encrypted mail or messages as a more complete security measure than standard fax transmissions.

Among the reasons quoted to contend the advantages of encrypted mail or messages, it appears that documents aren’t exposed to indiscreet glances of anyone who can see the papers that are sent, with encrypted mail or messages like they are with fax machine; in addition, the items don’t need to be printed before being sent. It’s no secret that any sensitive information waiting to be printed is vulnerable. Encrypted mail or messages only reach the intended receiver and the sender can use a series of identification methods before the message can be seen.

Another interesting element is that encrypted mail or messages are difficult to lose. You could misplace a fax or physical folder; but losing an electronic archive that has been guarded is much less probable.

Depending on the encrypted mail or messages service, various security methods are used, from AES encryption to physical data protection centers. The filter policy is another advantage of using an encrypted mail or messages service instead of a fax. An employee can create a document and send it by fax without interference; however, the leading encrypted mail or messages services offer tools for strengthening security policies, which remove control from employees’ hands. For example, you can set a filter policy on the exit door to scan and block certain information like credit card numbers or social security numbers. The encrypted mail or messages service will detect if this information is sent, will block it and will notify the administrator of the attempt to send the information. A fax machine can’t do this.

In a not too distant future, fax machines will be withdrawn from the market and all secure transfers will be sent through Internet, using encrypted mail, online fax services or secure direct connections. The 007Emails encrypted mail or messages service provides security on 100% of their encrypted mail or messages.