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"Intellectual property has the shelf life of a banana." | Bill Gates



You will have noticed in the last few weeks that our website has changed its look, upgrading and improving its functionalities and, this week, we have also changed its logo and name with one that is much easier to pronounce in all languages because, as Bill Gates said, “Intellectual property has the shelf-life of a banana”. And our Marketplace BANANA00, will help you add some zeroes to your income.

Why did we change our name? Making a change in your brand name isn’t just an operation for rejuvenating the company’s brand and image, but a real transformation of the business in terms of its objectives, message and culture. For example, did you know that in 1966 “Google” was called “BackRub”? That is how Larry Page and Sergei Brin launched their search engine before changing its name in 1998. In the beginning, Jerry Tang and David Filo chose the unattractive name “Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web” before converting it to “Yahoo!”

The new international regulations on electronic commerce and e-wallets have forced considerable changes on us, so we have decided on a 360 degree change, to show our courage and to provide new content. We were working through 2 websites, the OPM Marketplace and the PAYOPM wallet, which allowed you to receive payments for services, both sold and loaned, through the Marketplace. The use of two separate sites frequently caused confusion for the customers and, especially, for the banks.

BANANA00 Is a new concept of marketplace that allows you to manage your online services shop and your earnings in a single site.

BANANA00 Marketplace

What do I have to put in my profile?

A good profile will help give buyers trust and make many sales. Once you have logged in, click on My Account on the right side of the page and click on Vendor; this is where you edit your profile. The Shop Title is your name or your company’s name. You can upload a portrait photo onto the Vendor’s image (the buyer has more trust if he can see the vendor’s face); if you don’t the system will publish an avatar.

Your shop description is very important; you should give a list of your skills and give details of your experience. This information is what will convince the customer whether or not buy from your shop.

Upload my products or services

How do I upload my products?

Click again on My Account and select Create New Product. Look for the product’s category and name the product with an inspiring title with a maximum of 23 characters. The product description should be detailed. DON’T WRITE EVERYTHING IN CAPS your product won’t be approved.

In which currency should I put the price?

Put the unit price in EUR or USD; the customers will also appreciate the price in their national currency.

What are the terms of service?

You should set the delivery times and possible guarantees in your terms of service. At the end you can insert legal information if your product or service requires it.

What is the available stock field?

Put the number of products that are available for sale or 1000 if you have an unlimited amount, in the Available Stock field.

Can I attach downloadable files on my products?

Yes, upload the downloadable file (files: .rar, .zip, .doc, .docx. .Pdf, .mp3, .mp4, .mov, .jpg, .gif, .pmg) if it is an immediate download product.

Can I put photos or videos to describe my product? If so, what formats can I use?

You can put both photos and videos, with a maximum 4 photos in jpg. gif, .pmg and 4 videos in .ogg, webm, .m4. The photos or videos should be of good quality (home-taken photos will give your shop a bad image).

What are search tags?

Your product’s labels or tags are keywords through which internet users can search for your product or service. You can put 8 search tags that can be from 1-3 words, for example: Freelance market, freelance.

How to pay for a product or service?

Can I pay with paypal?

No, we do not work with PayPal, we use other payment gateways.

What payment system BANANA00 Marketplace accepts?

BANANA00 accepts payments in euros and dollars by bank transfer, MoneyGram or Western Union (only in dollars).

Does the system confirm the payment?

Yes, you should receive a confirmation email check in your SPAM folder, if you cannot find it, contact support by email

About BANANA00 E-wallet

What is BANANA00 e-wallet?

BANANA00 is an online payment service and trust developed by OPM SECURITY CORPORATION, which allows you to make and receive payments through various methods which go from bank transfers to payments made with credit cards and transfers made by settlements. The payments to third parties will be made by OPM SECURITY CORPORATION. We are recognized and recommended by several e-commerce’s web sites all around the worldwide.

How does BANANA00 work? 

BANANA00 is an E-wallet that lets you receive and make payments safely, without the necessity of a bank account.

There are various e-wallets around the world. What are the advantages offered by BANANA00? 

BANANA00 has fewer regulations than PayPal. This American business sets more and more requirements and its services aren’t available in every country whereas BANANA00 has no problems working with those countries banned by PayPal. Another important advantage is that BANANA00 protects both the buyer and the seller, while PayPal pays the buyer only. In addition, BANANA00 also has a “freelancer” type area where consultants, web freelancers and others can place their advertisements.

Why do I need an e-wallet? 

If you are starting an online business, opening a bank account or payment gateway can turn out to be a long and expensive process. In addition, you may need to receive money in another currency or receive a remittance with Western Union or MoneyGram and not have a receiving office near your home; your ability to receive and send money could be limited by exchange regulations or limits applied by your country of residence; you could need to make a payment by credit card and not have one, etc. For these and other reasons an e-wallet is your best solution.

My account 

When opening the account, I’m asked to fill in the KYC; what is the KYC form?

The KYC form (Know your client) is a recompilation of data necessary for knowing the client, and PAYOPM requests it because it is legally obligatory; although we clarify that this form is applied only to the Silver and Gold accounts, which are paid for, and not for the Free Account. The KYC form is required because BANANA00 strictly complies with national and international anti-terrorism and anti-money laundering laws.

There are various types of accounts and some include payments. Why? 

There are two factors that influence the type of service offered: security and due diligence, or rather, a detailed investigation about money movements. Both are expensive, for which reason we offer the service without a charge for opening the account only for those clients who receive small amounts of money each month. Those who need to send or receive larger amounts can join with a Silver or Gold account.

The BANANA00 FREE Account offers receiving unlimited online payments and making payments up to a limit of 1000.00 EUR per month, through credit cards, international money drafts, bank transfers and settlements without the need of a foreign bank account.

The BANANA00 Silver Account offers receiving and sending online payments up to a limit of 2,500 EUR per month, immediately or guaranteed, by credit cards, international money drafts, bank transfers, settlements and link up to 2 BANANA00 debit cards (each card is nominal), without the need for a foreign bank account.

The BANANA00 GOLD Account offers receiving and sending online payments without monthly limits, by credit cards, international money drafts, bank transfers, settlements and link up to 10 BANANA00 debit cards (each card is nominal), without the need for a foreign bank account.

The BANANA00 CORPORATE Account offers receiving and sending online payments without monthly limits, immediately or guaranteed, by credit cards, international money drafts, bank transfers, settlements and link up an unlimited amount of BANANA00 debit cards (each card is nominal), without the need for a foreign bank account.

Can I open a FREE account and then later go on to another type of account? 

Yes, at any time by undergoing the verification process.

Are the accounts personal or corporate? 

You can select a personal or business account at the time you open your account. Then, you can change your choice at any time by uploading the required verification documents to your profile.

Will the money I have sent or received through a BANANA00 account be available immediately?

There are technical times. BANANA00 will deliver only when there is enough money available in your account, so the client must keep in mind the monetary clearing times, which are as follows:

Western Union

24 hours


24 hours



Bank Transfers

2 - 7 days

What limits are there on transactions?

• The free account allows you to receive unlimited amounts, and send up to 1000 € (or the equivalent in USD or the equivalent in other currencies)

• The Silver account allows you to receive unlimited amounts and send up to 2,500 € (or the equivalent in USD or the equivalent in other currencies)

• The Gold account and Corporate account allows unlimited receiving and sending; this excludes those limits predetermined by banks and those that are mentioned above in each account in how to send funds.

Which currencies can be used to open the BANANA00 accounts? 

The accounts can be in EUR, USD or Bitcoins. Your balance will also appear in the currency of your IP or in your chosen currency. You will be able to receive and send these currencies by bank transfers, while remittances from Western Union or MoneyGram can be received in USD and sent in USD, applying the exchange rates of remittance companies on deliveries in other currencies. For example, you have a balance in EUR and wish to send EUR: the money to be sent will be changed to USD and then changed back to EUR at the exchange rate applied by the chosen remittance company

I just signed up but I did not receive the confirmation email; is it normal?

You should receive a confirmation email; check your spam folder if you cannot find it and contact support by email.

How can I verify my account?

To verify an account at BANANA00, you will need:

  1. Fill in the KYC form.
  2. Attach a color copy of your passport.
  3. Attach a color copy of your National ID, Passport or Driver's License (both sides). (In some cases, the passport is necessary).
  4. For proof of address, attach a utility bill like electricity, water, telephone, Internet bill, etc.

Is the account where my customers can pay me a general account or is it an account in the name of the BANANA00 account holder?

Payments are made to a general account in the name of our business; you have to notify us, and when the transaction has been verified, we’ll accredit it to your account.

I want to top up my cell phone. How do I pay these top ups from my BANANA00 account?

You can ask us to make the payment through one of our cards, but this service costs 10.00 Euros. It would be better to open an account in OPMVoIP and do it from there. You can top up the account without charges from #100-2379. With the OPMVoiP account, you can also make international calls at a low price, acquiring phone numbers from more than 100 countries and making mass text messages.

How can I send money from or receive money in my account?

Why are there limits on the accounts and why do 3 banks appear in some accounts?

Banks open accounts and allow operations according to what has been stated when opening the account; in addition, we assign a risk index to the small banks, i.e. we won’t want to keep large amounts of money in problem banks or those that we consider at risk. Unfortunately, most stable banks don’t work with offshore companies; therefore, we have to open accounts where we can and don’t have the luxury of choosing, but we can limit the risks (of bankruptcy, out-of-business because of non-compliance with international laws, etc.).

Also for these reasons, there are some banks (especially those in countries considered completely tax shelters) that don’t possess direct correspondence accounts in a primary bank and have to lean on other smaller banks. In these cases, the money will be submitted as though the bank was the beneficiary, with instructions to subsequently accredit it to our account. In a lot of internet banking there aren’t 3 fields, and so it has to connect to our bank as a beneficiary (beneficiary bank) and put in the instructions “To accredit to account No. xxxxxx of our company. It’s important that we emphasize that if you skip some of the data that we set for making the transfer, it can be delayed or temporarily lost, with additional claim fees (Unfortunately, banks charge for everything, sic!). If you can’t put in all the data contained in our instructions, it will be necessary to make the transfer manually at the bank to avoid losing time and to avoid extra expenses

These are some links that you can find in your login (you must login to be able to open them) with useful information about the transactions you can make with BANANA00:

How can I contact the BANANA00 e-wallet?

Can I top up my account or receive money? 

Is possible to top up my account with bitcoin?  

How do I transfer funds between accounts?

How do I make an International wire transfer? 

How do I notify the reception of money?

How can I request the payment of services or products, by credit card, with a debit to my BANANA00 account?

How to apply for a debit card:

How do I link a debit card to my BANANA00 account?

Request an AdSense account with BANANA00:

Referral Program

What is the BANANA00 Referral Program?

The BANANA00 e-wallet’s Referral Program is one of the best options for bloggers and webmasters to take advantage of greater economic profits from their online space.

How does the BANANA00 Referral Program work?

It’s not difficult to understand how the BANANA00 e-wallet’s Referral Program works. When bloggers and webmasters open any type of account they’ll obtain a unique free-of-cost link. They publish said link on their blog or website, social networks and any other type of meeting places that they consider pertinent. The more they socialize, greater will be the possibility of people seeing the link and becoming interested in the BANANA00 e-wallet; a commission for each transaction will be accredited to their BANANA00 account. Each user will have access to his or her Dashboard in order to verify their earnings.

How much can I earn?

A lot of money; for each person who opens an account (corporate, gold or silver), you will obtain, through your unique link, 20% of the value of this account; however, the benefits don’t end there: in addition, you will obtain, for your lifetime, 1% of the annual movements of the money that is kept in this account. Today, BANANA00 offers three types of paid for accounts: a Silver account, which costs 240 Euros per year; another is the Gold account, which costs 480 Euros every year and a Corporate account – only for businesses – which is priced at 960 Euros a year. If a person opens a Gold account through your link, you will receive 96 Euros (20%); if the Gold account opened through your link moves 20,000 Euros per year with BANANA00, the blogger will receive another 200 Euros, which represent 1% of the amount moved. This is with just one account; however, the BANANA00 e-wallet’s Referral Program doesn’t have any limits, which means that if you reach 20 persons who open paid-for accounts in BANANA00 through your link, you will collect 20% for each account, plus 1% for movement of money.

How can I access the money I’ve earned?

To access your money, you can use any BANANA00 withdrawal system: Money Gram, Western Union, bank transfers and Bitcoin.

Google AdSense Program 

What is the Google AdSense program?

Bloggers and webmasters generally use the publication of commercial ads to earn money from their websites. Without a doubt, Google AdSense – the modern business platform with headquarters in Mountain View – is the most used of all the offers available on internet. The problem that everyone encounters with AdSense comes when it’s time to collect earnings from the ads, because Google has set very strict rules; it sends the money by check through ordinary mail and it doesn’t work with every country. All of these obstacles are resolved by the BANANA00 e-wallet which allows bloggers and webmasters to place an AdSense code and collect their earnings from the ads online, every month. 

How can I join the Google AdSense program offered by BANANA00?

To apply the Google AdSense, you just need to open an account on the BANANA00 Marketplace & e-wallet. Once an account is opened, the next step is to ask for an AdSense code that you can insert on your blog. As soon as it is published, the blogger will begin to earn money for each visit and, especially, for each click web users make on the AdSense ads appearing in his blog. BANANA00 Marketplace & e-wallet has no restrictions because of nationality, so any blogger and webmaster in the world can work with this platform.

When can I collect the earnings obtained from the program? 

At the end of each month, BANANA00 will send the total amount of money to the blogger’s BANANA00 account.

Attention: if you click on the advertising to increase your profits, Google will block your account since it is very strict in these policies.







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