More and more people are turning to the Internet search engines to find answers to “I need a fast translator”. In a world where finding content in various languages is essential, translators are much in demand. It’s true that automatic translation software like Google Translate have perfected their algorithms, but they are still far from making an acceptable translation. Well, faced with “I need a fast translator”, one of the most complete options is BANANA00 Marketplace, a modern platform where it is possible to find people who, for a moderate price, will do professional, quick translations.

The BANANA00 Marketplace is very attractive for both translators and those looking for this service. Opening an account there is free and very easy. The translator only has to place his information, his C.V. (to attract the attention of potential buyers), a set price for translations and the time needed for carrying out the operation.

Once this has been completed, the profile will go public and those who write, “I need a fast translator” can see this profile. Those who need the translation can look at all the available options and compare profiles and prices set by each translator. When he has chosen one, he can get in touch with him through the BANANA00 Marketplace, to see if he is available.

When an agreement has been reached, the person that says, “I need a fast translator” sends the money to BANANA00 Marketplace, which acts as a mediator during the process. When the money is in the platform, it will send a message to the translator so that he will know that his money is ready to be delivered when the work has been finished.

When the translator finishes the client’s order and the latter has given his approval to the work, only then will BANANA00 Marketplace allow the money to go into the translator’s account. BANANA00’s work gives guarantees to both parties involved in the transaction. The translator knows that his payment is assured and depends only on his earning it, while the client paying for the translation service also has the guarantee that his money will be delivered only when he is satisfied with the translation.

The BANANA00 Marketplace has reached the position of being one of the most complete existing on internet today. The act of offering guarantees to both parties is what sets it apart; additionally, BANANA00 Marketplace has set a commission fee of only 9%, while other similar businesses have commissions of up to 20%.

Another favorable detail of the BANANA00 Marketplace is that the translator—and all other professionals that offer their services—can set the price that they feel is convenient and this can attract compulsive buyers. More and more, the BANANA00 Marketplace catches the attention of people who offer and look for services and, certainly, for those who write in a search engine “I need a fast translator”, this modern online platform has the best offers.