BANANA00 Marketplace has incorporated a new and very useful service: you can make anonymous online purchases of any product or legal service that you need. The cost of each operation is 10 Euros and is completely guaranteed.

Think for a moment about how many things you don’t buy for fear of your name appearing on the transaction. Maybe the purchase of a determined product or service has caused problems with your partner, your country’s IRS or with your business partners.

These fears can end now, because through BANANA00 Marketplace you can ask this marketplace to buy this product or service that you really need, and your identity will be completely protected. BANANA00 Marketplace will buy them with the company’s cards and thus guarantee the owner’s protection.

This way, you can have, in very little time, anything from dominion names to hosting sites on Internet or any other service you consider pertinent. In a world that is increasingly surveilled, people value controlling their privacy even more. With the new BANANA00 Marketplace service, with only 10 Euros plus the price of the product or service, logically, you can have at your disposition everything that, for various reasons, you once doubted you could acquire.