The BANANA00 Marketplace offshore e-wallet offers a new possibility for its clients: collecting their earnings through the Airbnb platform, the most-used marketplace in the world for reserving private housing.

Airbnb is an acronym for airbed and breakfast. At present, this marketplace includes more than 2 million properties, in 192 countries and 33,000 cities. Creating an account and publishing ads in Airbnb is completely free. Said ad is accompanied by the price that has been set by the property owner, as well as photos that help convince the potential client.

Airbnb doesn’t show full names or contact information in the public profile so that the community can feel safe in knowing that their data are protected and, also, in this manner, Airbnb guarantees remaining as an intermediary during the entire reservation process.

Airbnb shows the ads on its official site. Entire houses, private residences and apartments can be found in the search results, all with a wide range of prices. The hosts describe their spaces in detail, including available services and arrival and departure times.

When the future guests find the accommodations that they need, Airbnb collects the corresponding amount and waits 24 hours after their arrival at the accommodations before transferring the funds to the host. This way, both can feel safe, since Airbnb will mediate and send the payments only when the reservation takes place. This is where the BANANA00 Marketplace offshore e-wallet plays an important role, since it is possible to receive the money sent by Airbnb through any of the four accounts that the e-wallet offers, after a reservation has been confirmed.

BANANA00 Marketplace offers Free, Silver, Gold and Corporate accounts. All of these accounts have an unlimited reception of money in common but are different from each other in the amount of money they allow you to send. For example, with a Free account it’s possible to send up to 1000 Euros each month; with the Silver account, you can send up to 2,000 Euros each month; whereas there is no limit on the amount sent with the Gold account.

Another variation offered by the BANANA00 Marketplace offshore e-wallet is the service “charge it to my account service”, which means, if you don’t want to use your card, to remain anonymous, and you need to rent lodgings on Airbnb, you can request BANANA00 Marketplace to pay for you on Airbnb in exchange for a charge added to the balance of your account in the e-wallet. Through this completely secure mechanism, you guarantee that your name doesn’t appear associated with any transaction.