The BANANA00 Marketplace offshore e-wallet presents its Corporate Account, a service that was created so that businesses can make better use of the multiple advantages of working with this modern online platform. 

The Corporate Account is only for businesses, so you need to present a series of documents that guarantee how long the business has been operating and its credibility in the world of commerce. The annual cost of the BANANA00 Marketplace offshore e-wallet’s Corporate Account is 960 Euros, and, through this account, businesses can speed up paying their employees, with very economical fees. With the Corporate Account, BANANA00 Marketplace charges only 1; in addition, the platform itself offers an option, the Referral Program, through which businesses don’t even have to pay the 1%. How does it work? A business decides to open a Corporate Account in The BANANA00 Marketplace offshore e-wallet and receives a Referral link. Through this link, the workers of the mentioned business can open any type of BANANA00 Marketplace account. Then, the business carries out transfers from its Corporate Account to each of its employees’ accounts. These transfers, since they are within BANANA00 Marketplace, are free. 

With its new Corporate Account offer, the offshore e-wallet reaffirms its leadership position in the financial world. This online platform is attracting more and more clients who value the security, guarantees and anonymity that characterize BANANA00 Marketplace.