BANANA00 Marketplace is a modern platform that integrates offshore payment gateways with three types of accounts and an innovative marketplace.

The BANANA00 Marketplace is an excellent place for professionals to post advertisements, who offer different services at what they feel to be suitable prices, while those needing to hire for services in translation, writing, website designing, or any other type of designing can come to this marketplace and hire the person who offers the best price and the best C.V. The entire hiring process on BANANA00 is facilitated because this business can count on its own offshore payment gateway.

BANANA00 Marketplace only charges a 9% commission fee for the total amount of the transaction; in addition, it relies on modern payment and charging systems through online bank transfers, credit cards and remittances with companies like Western Union and MoneyGram.

The client doesn’t need to have a bank account to send and receive money with these offshore payment gateways. In case of sales with online bank transfers and remittances by Western Union and MoneyGram, these are immediately effective; however, when the sales are carried out with credit cards, payments are delayed for up to a month before becoming affective, in order to avoid scams, although this time conforms with the standards of other offshore payment gateways.

BANANA00 Marketplace is very conscientious and, with the objective of avoiding fraud, sales made with credit cards can receive certain limitations and controls. When one of these controls is made by the BANANA00 Marketplace compliance service, which is very professional, the client’s account is analyzed in the least amount of time possible and, if there are no problems, the limitations will be removed.

BANANA00 Marketplace shows three different types of options: one free, another is silver and the other is Gold. Each client chooses the one that best fits his needs. All three accounts have a common characteristic: receiving money is completely unlimited, so it doesn’t matter how much money a person receives into his account. The big difference between them depends on how much money is sent.

The free account only permits you to send up to 1,000 Euros, so this is for those people who don’t have to send large amounts of money every month. The silver account costs 240 Euros and has the advantage of being able to send up to 2,000 Euros per month, through credit cards, international money orders, bank transfers and remittances.

And last, the Gold account is the most complete of all. You pay 480 Euros for this, but in exchange, you have the possibility of sending out unlimited amounts of money, also through credit cards, international money orders, bank transfers and remittances.

BANANA00 Marketplace excels over the competition, because of its integrated facilities, among which a marketplace and a lower commission fee than that set by other offshore payment gateways.