In today’s world, hyper-connected and globalized, people are turning more and more to experts in diverse subjects while searching for advice that will allow them to get out of predicaments or improve certain aspects of their professional or personal life. Therefore, it’s common for people to enter the term “consultation needed” into the Internet search box… for shops, health, sentimental themes, etc.

Faced with this request, search algorithms are put into action and results are shown in thousandths of a second; however, it’s not difficult to agree with this idea: many of these results are unreliable and therefore, people prefer to resort to online sites where expert in different subjects offer their services and show their C.V.s. One of the most complete in this great variety of existing sites is the BANANA00 Marketplace.

The BANANA00 Marketplace is the ideal site for all those who wish to place an announcement offering their services as consultants. This safe platform attracts a lot of internet traffic, so these announcements have a better chance of being seen. In addition, registration there is free; the consultant just has to open an account, post his service data, his CV, his set price and wait to be contacted.

Meanwhile, those who write “consultation needed” will find various offers in the BANANA00 Marketplace, from consultations in finance to consultations on how to eat better or how to choose the best payment method for a shop.

The operation mechanism is not complicated. Once the person who says, “consultation needed” finds the announcement that satisfies him the most, he gets into contact, through BANANA00, with the consultant. If they reach an agreement, the person will send the payment for the service to BANANA00 Marketplace and the platform, in its position as intermediary, and lets the consultant know that the payment is ready to be delivered.

Once the consultant has fulfilled the agreement and the client informs BANANA00 Marketplace of this, the platform allows the transfer of the funds into the consultant’s account. This way, both parties involved in the negotiation are protected. The consultant, because he knows that he just has to comply with his work to be paid, while the person who needs the consultation does not have to pay in advance and so his trust in the process is increased.

The BANANA00 Marketplace has shown itself to be much more competitive than others have. First, because the platform only charges a 9% commission for each operation, while other sites set up to 20%. In addition, BANANA00 Marketplace does not work for projects, until the consultants set a price and begin to receive requests for work. This is the most direct, quickest way to carry out business; it also lets compulsive buyers hire the consultant in various occasions.

Its rapid growth, the platform’s safety and its relevant placement have transformed the BANANA00 Marketplace into the best option available for those who need an online consultation.