One of the great advantages offered by the BANANA00 Marketplace that has allowed it to become one of the most interesting options at present for professionals, and for those who are hoping to hire inexpensive services, is that the platform includes its own offshore payment gateway, which facilitates the entire process; it’s possible to send and receive money through this gateway, without needing to have a bank account.

BANANA00 Marketplace has payment and withdrawal systems through online bank transfers, credit cards and remittances from companies like Western Union and MoneyGram.

Sales made with online bank transfers and Western Union and MoneyGram remittances are effective immediately, while those made with credit cards can take up to 30 days to become effective, as anti-scam measure.

BANANA00 Marketplace is very safe and includes among its safety measures for avoiding any scam, that any sales made with credit cards can be subject to limitations and controls. The BANANA00 Marketplace compliance service team will analyze a client’s account in a short time upon request; if it passes the verification BANANA00 Marketplace will eliminate its limitations so that the vendor can collect the product of his sales more quickly.

It is possible to work with three types of accounts in the BANANA00 Marketplace: Free, Silver and Gold. They all have the same element that permits receiving money without any limitation, although there are several differences when sending money.

For example, with a BANANA00 Marketplace Free account, it’s possible to send up to a limit of 1000 Euros per month, by means of credit cards, international money orders, bank transfers and remittances, without the need of an offshore bank account.

In the case of the Silver account, which has an annual fee of 240 Euros, the limit for monthly sending is increased to 2,000 Euros; with the Gold Account, which has an annual cost of 480 Euros, the title holder can send unlimited quantities of money.

These advantageous characteristics have placed the BANANA00 Marketplace as one of the most complete currently existing and with one of the lowest surcharges, set at 9% on each transaction. In addition, it is an offshore payment gateway which in the first place respects the confidentiality of its clients’ information. The act of sending and receiving money without needing to resort to a bank account, giving an account to the fiscal authorities or answering bankers’ annoying questions, as well as speedy transactions and acceptable transactions attractive elements that distinguish the BANANA00 Marketplace.