The most elementary step in Internet marketing is creating a website capable of offering quality content in the form of text, videos and photos for attracting and keeping potential clients.

Internet marketing is composed of very different aspects. Some businesses choose to simply focus on a single marketing class, while others employ a wide variety. To know what type of Internet marketing you should use, you must first hire the services of a freelancer specialized in the matter, and the most suitable site for that is on the BANANA00 Marketplace freelance market.

Or a moderate price, this specialist will show you that your website is the entrance to your business, so it should be welcoming, ensuring that your website offers contact information and customer service time is the brick and mortar shop or through the network system, conveniently installed in your home.

The possibilities of hiring a freelancer who does the work you request, with the required quality and at a lower price, are unlimited through the BANANA00 Marketplace freelance market. This specialist knows how to use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques on your website, which includes using key words in relevant places on your site, choosing a dominion name related to your business and create links leading to your content on other sites. When used properly, the SEO ensures that your business appears well-placed in search results for your products or services, directing potential customers to your website.

Another basic of Internet marketing that the freelancer hired from the BANANA00 Marketplace to improve your business flow is sending out e-mails with links to your website to both actual and potential customers. This also helps customers know about new products that you are presenting or some change being made in your present line of products, and of course, it is much easier and less expensive to keep existing relations with clients who receive other news.

Likewise, the freelancer hired through BANANA00 Marketplace will guide you on how to acquire ads on other sites (banner or small text ads) through different services, which are both pay per click (PPC) and pay per impression (PPI). PPC ads implies that you pay only when a potential client clicks on one of the links that lead back to your site, and the PPI ads refer to a fixed number of visits to your ads (normally 1,000 impressions of the same), without needing to click on them.