Bloggers and webmasters generally use the publication of commercial ads to earn money from their websites. Without a doubt, Google AdSense – the modern business platform with headquarters in Mountain View – is the most used of all the offers available on internet. The problem that everyone encounters with AdSense comes when it’s time to collect earnings from the ads, because Google has set very strict rules; it sends the money by check through ordinary mail and it doesn’t work with every country. All of these obstacles are resolved by the BANANA00 Marketplace offshore e-wallet which allows bloggers and webmasters to place an AdSense code and collect their earnings from the ads online, every month.

To apply the Google AdSense, you just need to open an account on the BANANA00 Marketplace offshore e-wallet. This platform offers people three types of accounts: one is free; another is Silver, and costs 240 Euros per year and one is Gold, which costs 480 Euros per year; the latter is the most complete, because it allows you to send and receive unlimited amounts of money. The BANANA00 Marketplace offshore e-wallet has no restrictions because of nationality, so any blogger and webmaster in the world can work with this platform. Once an account is opened there (any of the three), the next step is to ask for an AdSense code that you can insert on your blog. As soon as it is published, the blogger will begin to earn money for each visit and, especially, for each click web surfers make on the AdSense ads appearing in his blog. From their account in the BANANA00 Marketplace offshore e-wallet, bloggers and webmasters can make a daily control of the money they have obtained from the AdSense ads. At the end of each month, BANANA00 Marketplace will send the total amount of money to the blogger’s BANANA00 Marketplace account. Contrary to what happens with the traditional method, in which Google requires a minimum income of 100 dollars before it will send a check, this problem doesn’t exist with BANANA00 Marketplace, because the platform will send, every month, any amount that the blogger has earned. This is BANANA00 Marketplace’s huge advantage. 

The guaranteed online collection of funds earned with Google AdSense ads on a monthly basis, is an excellent option that bloggers and webmasters now have at their disposition to make earning money from their website more effective. The service has already brought very good results and the number of people subscribed to it has grown enormously in the last two months.