The most recent investigation of the renowned Italian lawyer, now seated in Panama, Giovanni Caporaso, has been published in the e-book “The Best Offshore Banks”, a text that is necessary for all those who want to understand the current scenario of the offshore world, after the “Panama Papers” scandal.

Caporaso begins with a detailed explanation of the scenario in which the offshore world exists today and then analyzes how complex the process of opening an offshore bank account has become because of the diverse barriers raised by banks, which have yielded under the pressure wielded by governments. The first part of his e-book ends with the idea that more and more people are currently turning to BANANA00 Marketplace as a solution to enjoy the advantages of the offshore world without, however, having to go through the awkward steps imposed by the banks, most of which won’t even open remote accounts.

In the second part of the e-book “The Best Offshore Banks”, the author centers on the world’s principal financial centers. He explains the strengths of each one and shows which are the most efficient offshore banks that work there. Caporaso gives very useful information about these banks, clarifies which ones accept opening accounts at a distance, which ones accept business accounts and, in addition, publishes their websites.

An idea defended at length throughout the e-book is that this text is invaluable because of the great amount of up-to-date information that it holds; however, Caporaso’s investigation doesn’t substitute the work of a consultant who is really the person’s guide while approaching an offshore bank.

Giovanni Caporaso’s e-book can be downloaded online and, with his investigation, this renowned lawyer is shown to be one of the most important offshore gurus of the time.