Finding a freelance writer who constantly writes content for a website can be a huge headache. Site administrators constantly visit more than a few businesses that publish announcements of the type “I need a freelance writer” and even though they probably receive various proposals from people who consider themselves “experts” in the subject, one of the biggest problems that they face is how to close negotiations so that both parts have trust in the operation.

On one side, the freelance writer is afraid that, after having delivered the content agreed upon, the person who hired him won’t pay the sum agreed upon; meanwhile, the site administrator could worry about fighting with people who are not real professionals.

The best answer for eliminating these fears is in the BANANA00 Marketplace, a serious business that has captured the attention of people seeking and offering services for two heavyweight reasons: the business works as an intermediary and ensures the protection on both parties involved in the negotiation.

The administrator who places the announcement “I need a freelance writer” through the BANANA00 Marketplace can get in contact with writers that have good CVs. Once there, they review the prices set by the writers and commission the articles that they consider convenient. To ensure a higher security, the site administer who hires the freelance writer sends the money to BANANA00 Marketplace and the writer will receive the notification that his payment is ready to be delivered as soon as he complies with the agreement with the site administer.

This process offers a complete guarantee for both parts, because if the freelance writer fails to deliver the content or if the latter isn’t of the necessary quality, the site administer requests the reimbursement of the sum from BANANA00 Marketplace. Now, if the administrator is satisfied with the work done by the freelance writer, he will send a message to BANANA00 Marketplace and the money will be paid to the freelance writer.

The BANANA00 Marketplace sets a fee of only 9% on the total amount of the agreement and this is a low price if you keep in mind that other companies in the sector ask up to 20 of the contracted price in each service!

All those who have been publishing announcements like “I need a freelance writer” for a while now have the BANANA00 Marketplace as the best option and the most on-the-target answer, because all the economical offers are there and, especially because the platform is very secure.