In a very competitive world, every business needs to advertise in the best possible manner, using all existing mechanisms to reach a greater audience. Therefore, it’s common for us to post “publicist needed” in the search engines, hoping to find the most competent professional and that he offers his services at the most competitive price. Among the possible answers given by the search engines, the BANANA00 Marketplace seems to be the most complete.

This modern platform has called the attention of publicists and also of those who write “publicist needed”, starting with the wide possibilities it offers. For example, the publicists have possibility of posting, online, their offers for work, their C.V., what they can do and the price for each job. This advertisement is completely free, and can multiply work options immensely for this professional, since the BANANA00 Marketplace receives thousands of visitors daily.

Meanwhile, the person that writes “publicist needed” can come to the BANANA00 Marketplace and visit all of the published profiles, also for free. When he finds the professional that complies with all of his requirements and offers the best price for his services, he can get in touch with him through BANANA00 Marketplace.

If both parties reach an agreement on the type of work, the period of time it takes and the total for the operation, the buyer who has written at least once “publicist needed” sends the money to the BANANA00 Marketplace which acts as an intermediary during the operation. The moment that it receives the money, BANANA00 Marketplace communicates with the publicist and lets him know that the money is ready to be delivered, when he has finished the job as agreed upon.

When the publicist finishes he sends his work and hopes for the buyer’s approval. If everything is right, then the buyer sends his approval to BANANA00 Marketplace and the platform sends the funds to the publicist’s account.

With this mechanism, the two parties are protected. The publicist, because he knows beforehand that his money is available and, since there are no scams, it just depends on him to receive it; meanwhile, the buyer has the guarantee that his money will be sent to the publicist only if he is satisfied with the work. In the case where the professional doesn’t send an adequate job, the buyer communicates it to the BANANA00 Marketplace which will return his money.

The BANANA00 Marketplace has many more advantages than other similar sites. For example, the professionals can set the price that they feel is appropriate for their services (which has to do with the 5 Euros that others demand) and this is attractive to compulsive buyers that purchase one service, are content and return to hire the professional again. In addition, BANANA00 Marketplace can count on its own e-wallet and, also, the BANANA00 Marketplace sets a commission fee of only 9% on the entire operation, while other businesses reach a set fee of up to 20%. The combination of all these advantages has transformed the BANANA00 Marketplace into the ideal option, both for the publicists as well as for those who write “publicist needed”.