I need an Internet business can be a term that, probably, thousands of people have written at some point on Internet. Internet’s penetration and the increase in bandwidth have influenced the proliferation of business opportunities; however, finding these opportunities isn’t always easy. This is exactly one of the options offered by BANANA00 Marketplace; those who write “I in need an Internet business can find different proposals there, in various subjects. Reviewing these proposals is free, without needing to register and this is an advantage of the BANANA00 Marketplace.

Those who are looking for a partner to carry out their Internet business can write his proposal, also free, in the BANANA00 Marketplace. They only need to complete some information and publish their proposal with as many details as possible, so that it will attract visitors’ attention. In addition to the proposal, the amount of money necessary to go ahead with it should be incorporated.

This way, those who have written at some point on Google or Bing “I need an Internet business” have a wide data base with various proposals at their disposal. They can review them, analyze them and study them, and when they have identified the one that seems to attract them the most, they get in touch with the client, through the BANANA00 Marketplace.

When both parties reach an agreement about the Internet business, then the client hast to make the payment in advance to the person who will work with him. This money will be kept in BANANA00 Marketplace, which acts as an intermediary during the process. Once the money is received, the platform sends a message so that the person knows that his money is available and it just depends on him to obtain it.

Only when the person has completed his work and the client shows his approval with the requested product or service, will the platform let the money go into the account of the person proposing the Internet business. With this mechanism, both parties are protected. The client who places the announcement, because he has the assurance that the money will be sent, only after he has received quality work or service; while the person hired for the Internet business also knows that the money is real, that they are no scams in the operation and that he just has to comply with the agreement with the client.

The BANANA00 Marketplace has been able to establish itself starting off with the advantages it offers over the competition. This platform even has its own payment system; in addition, clients can set the price that they feel is best, without being tied down to 5 Euros or dollars that others apply and, in addition, the BANANA00 Marketplace charges a commission fee of only 9%, while other sites require a payment of 20% on the total operation.