After 4 very successful years in the digital wallet market and the freelance market, the business OPM SECURITY CORPORATION created a new name and presented its newest product: Banana00, because, as Bill Gates said, “Intellectual property has the shelf life of a banana.” And our Marketplace will help you add zeroes to your income. Banana00 introduces a new concept of Marketplace, since it will allow its users to manage, on the same site, their own virtual shop and the earnings they have obtained.
The change of trademark is a decision made after much thought and which hopes to not only change the mark and update its corporate image, but it’s also a complete change in its objectives as well as the organizations culture. Quite a few of the big international companies passed through a rebranding process; examples include, going from“Google”, which in 1996 was called “BackRub”, up to “Yahoo!” which in the beginning Jerry Yang and David Filo called “Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web”, before its conversion.
The changes made by the creators of these businesses made it possible for these to revive and obtain greater economic dividends.
Enormous modifications have been implemented during the last two years in international regulations regarding the work and purpose of e-wallets. It has obligated businesses to be updated so that they comply with these regulations, and this is what the OPM SECURITY CORPORATION has done.
With Banana00 theOPM SECURITY CORPORATION presents the most complete freelance market at this time, because of the diversity of its offers and the possibility of having an e-wallet integrated with the platform whichfacilitates the entire process of payments and receiving money. Banana00 offers services for professionals, for businessmen who are looking to form their business using the Lean Startup method. This work system is very modern and its response time speed is fundamental, that is, the client needs a solution to a problem or wants to create a startup. This is why Banana00 offers the best answer, since it puts the businessman in contact with the professionals that he/she needs, located anywhere in the world. The businessman can choose from different candidates and select the one that seems the most suitable for solving his problem, at the lowest price and with greater speed.
Professional freelancers from various areas are already registeredon Banana00, from programmers, webmasters, videographers, speakers for announcements or videos, web administrators, website administrators, writers, publicists, translators, educational manuals and e-books, marketing specialists up to attorneys, planners, accountants, graphic and web designers and app designers.
The platform is completely open to professionals who can open their own virtual shop and begin to offer, immediately, their services. For businessmen, the search for profiles is also free and Banana00 works as a mediator between the freelancer and the businessman; in addition, the payment and withdrawal process very easy and speedy through the platform’s e-wallet.
Banana00 is an innovative platform with great potential, for both freelance professionals and businessmen. Its speedy placement within the business movement clearly shows that the proposals of this platform have been very well received and it’s foreseeable that it will move up in just a short time.