Looking for internet business is probably one of the terms entered most into search engines. The economic crisis and the penetration of New Technologies in Information and Communications, especially internet, represent a combination that develops people’s interest in online businesses, so that with very little investment it’s possible to recuperate money that has been invested and begin earning. What businesses can work? It’s possible to find various answers to this very question in the BANANA00 Marketplace.

The BANANA00 Marketplace has been able to place itself as an excellent platform for both those who propose online businesses as well as for those who write in Google “Looking for Internet business”. Enrollment in the platform is free, and includes its own payment system, with a commission fee that is very low compared to those set by other similar sites, and receives more and more visits every day.

Enrolling in the BANANA00 Marketplace and proposing an internet business is simple and completely free. The person only has to fill in some information, place his business proposal with as many details as possible, to catch the attention of those who say “looking for internet business” and wait for proposals from interested people.

Those who reach the BANANA00 Marketplace by writing “looking for internet business” will find various options available. They can review them one by one, analyze which one is most convenient for his interests and when they have identified which is the most interesting, they can get in touch, through BANANA00 Marketplace, with whoever has proposed the internet business.

In the two parties involved agree, the person looking for the business sends the money to BANANA00 Marketplace, which acts as a mediator during the process. Immediately after, the platform sends a message to the person proposing the business so that he knows his money is safe and that to receive it, he only has to complete the work agreed upon with the client.

Once he has carried out the agreed-upon work and the client gives his approval to BANANA00 Marketplace, the platform permits the release of the money into the account of the person who proposed the online business. This way, both parties are protected during the operation. The person who writes “looking for an internet business”, because he knows his money will be sent only when he gives his consent and the one proposing the business because he has the guarantee that the money for his work has been sent and it depends only on him to receive it.

BANANA00 Marketplace charges a commission fee of only 9% of the operation’s total value. This is a big advantage, compared to other sites that set up to 20%. In addition, the act of protecting both parts involved distinguished the BANANA00 Marketplace, because it is possible to inspire compulsive buyers, because the person making the proposal can set the price he feels is most convenient.