How can I highlight a product or service better? In a scenario where there are many specialists, being able to count on a publicist capable of creating campaigns in various formats is essential; however, where can one find someone who, without being physically present, can design a campaign at the most moderate price? This is probably the question made by many people who access the Google or Bing search engines looking for the answer to “looking for publicist”. Among all of the options, the BANANA00 Marketplace is recognized as one of the best.

Lately, the BANANA00 Marketplace has received a lot of attention because of the many facilities it offers, both to the publicity professionals as well as those who write “looking for someone who does publicity”. Among the advantages offered by the marketplace, BANANA00 is also an e-wallet, so it simplifies the entire process through the business; in addition it charges a much lower commission fee than what is set by competing businesses and guarantees professionals an ample audience of more than a thousand daily visitors, whereas potential buyers have the availability of different offers from publicists who need work as soon as possible.

It’s very easy for the publicists to work with BANANA00 Marketplace. They only have to create an account, always free, where they post their C.V., which must be as complete as possible, to attract the attention of potential buyers, and set the price they consider appropriate for their services. This ad is published immediately and the publicist only has to wait for the first offer to arrive.

Meanwhile, the buyer who enters the BANANA00 Marketplace has various publicists’ C.V.s available. He can review them, evaluate what they have to offer and compare service prices. When he has decided on one, he gets into contact through the BANANA00 Marketplace. If the two parties reach an agreement on the type of work to be done, the periods in which it will be delivered and the total amount of the operation, the buyer sends the money to BANANA00 Marketplace which acts as an intermediary for the operation.

This intermediation process is beneficial for both parties. For the publicist because he knows eve before starting to work that his money is waiting for him and that there is no scam. This acts as an enormous attraction for doing a good job and in as little time as possible. For the buyer, the intermediation also offers guarantees because the money will be delivered only when he receives the work that was agreed upon and gives his approval.

If the buyer is satisfied with the service, he informs BANANA00 Marketplace and the platform automatically releases the funds that end up in the publicist’s account. Should the opposite happen, that is, if the buyer isn’t happy with what he receives, he gets into contact with BANANA00 Marketplace and the marketplace will return his money to him.

The BANANA00 Marketplace sets a commission fee of only 9% of the total operation, while other competing businesses establish 20%; in addition, the fact that BANANA00 Marketplace also has an e-wallet is attractive to both professionals and buyers. With so many advantages available, it’s not strange that those who post “looking for publicist” on Google or Bing, turn to the BANANA00 Marketplace again and again to hire the services of a professional who, with his work, can have an extremely important impact on a business’ success.