Manuals are essential for every product and service; however, it’s not hard to agree that more than a few manuals are so badly written and organized that, instead of helping, they make it harder for customers to understand. This is why businesses post announcements where they declare that they “manual writer needed”. The best and most complete answers to this petition, so common among online search engines, are on the BANANA00 Marketplace.

This platform is friendly, intuitive and allows free registration. Manual writers can enroll easily, because they only need to fill in their profile with their information, CV, work capacities, delivery time and the price for each manual. It’s important that the writer completes this step as fully as possible in order to guarantee that he will receive greater offers in the future.

The writer’s profile will be immediately visible for all those who, after posting “manual writer needed”, arrive at BANANA00 Marketplace. Once there, the person interested in hiring a writer will run through all the profiles, analyze their CVs and, through BANANA00 Marketplace, get in contact with the one that seems the best.

If both parties reach an agreement, the buyer sends the money for the service to BANANA00 Marketplace, since the platform acts as an intermediary during the whole process. When the funds arrive, BANANA00 issues a notice to the manual writer so that he knows his money is ready to be delivered.

When the manual writer ends his work, he sends it to the buyer, who evaluates it, makes suggestions, until he is completely satisfied with the job. At this point, he offers his approval to BANANA00 Marketplace and the platform releases the money, which ends up in the manual writer’s account.

This work mechanism is quite safe for both parties. The buyer knows that until he gives his definitive “okay”, his money will be safe in BANANA00 Marketplace. If he isn’t satisfied with the manual done by the writer, he notifies the platform, which will reimburse the money. It is a safe process also for the writer, because he has the guarantee that there will be no deceptions, since his money will be available in his account as soon as he finishes a quality job.

The BANANA00 Marketplace has achieved positioning itself as one of the most complete markets available on Internet. Two other elements distinguish this platform: first, it only charges a 9% commission for each process, while other companies set 20% for the same work; in addition, the BANANA00 Marketplace is ideal for attracting compulsive buyers. This market doesn’t work for projects, except for prices set by the manual writers, and this can cause the same buyer, if he is impressed by the work of a writer, to hire various times.