It’s almost impossible to standout in an Internet business these days without a team of professionals, among them online marketing specialists. These people have the necessary capability of working with products and services offered by a business on the web, spread the content and make it profitable.

Doubtless, it’s a very important, and also difficult, work, so it’s not strange for a person to turn to a search engine and write “online marketing specialist needed”. Facing this request, Google, Bing and the entire array of existing search engines return thousands of answers; but among them all, one of the most original and interesting is the BANANA00 Marketplace, a platform that has been able to call people’s attention because of the many advantages it offers.

For an online marketing specialist, the BANANA00 Marketplace is the ideal place where he can announce his services. Creating an account is very quick and free. You only need to post some personal data and then submit the detailed C.V. possible. This is a vital detail, because potential buyers of your service will decide, in the majority of the cases, on what you have done in your professional life as a specialist. Another detail that must not be neglected is the price for your services. If an online marketing specialist posts a much higher price than offered by the others, he will probably receive fewer requests in the BANANA00 Marketplace.

For those write “online marketing specialist needed” in the Google or Bing search box, the BANANA00 Marketplace is also a useful option. Upon entering this category all available variants appear. He can review, free, the C.V.s of each specialist and if he decides on one, based on what he offers and the established price, he can then get in touch with him, through BANANA00, to explain the characteristics of the job for which he will be paid.

When the two parties reach an agreement, the one who writes “online marketing specialist needed” sends the money to BANANA00 Marketplace, which acts as an intermediary for the negotiations. Once the money enters the platform, a message will be immediately sent to the online marketing specialist, so that he can begin the work, since he has the assurance that his money is available and it will depend on him if he receives it in his account.

Once the online marketing specialist has finished, he sends his work to the buyer. The latter evaluates what he has received and if he approves the quality, he lets the BANANA00 Marketplace know, and the platform will release the funds it has kept into the professional’s account.

Transparency in the negotiation is guaranteed through this mechanism. There is no chance of scam, because the online marketing specialist only begins working when he receives the notification that his money is in BANANA00 Marketplace, while the buyer knows that BANANA00 Marketplace will deliver his funds only after he is completely satisfied with the online marketing specialist’s work. If the buyer doesn’t approve what he has received, he will tell BANANA00 Marketplace and the platform will return his money.

The BANANA00 Marketplace has been able to place itself among the best options for those who propose products and services on Internet, and also for those request precisely these services ad products. The platform is very safe; in addition, it includes its own payment system and has a set commission of only 9%, while other businesses in the sector set a commission of 20% on the total amount of the transaction of a similar service.