More than just a few people lose a lot of time putting the terms “Seeking freelance writer” in search engines, because they need someone who is specialized in producing content for their websites. If you have done this before, you will have realized that many of the search engine results, from Google to Bing, are not complete.

This problem is resolved by the BANANA00 Marketplace. The platform is easy to understand, intuitive. Once there, the person looking a freelance writer reviews the options of those offering this service, their CVs and can compare prices they have set for producing content.

Through BANANA00 Marketplace it’s possible to get in touch with the freelance writers, and once you have chosen the one with most complete CV, who offers the best price, you then ask for a specific content. If the freelance writer accepts the request, the contractor sends the money to BANANA00 Marketplace since this company acts as mediator during the process. This money is held on the platform.

When the person (or business) that made the hiring has received the requested content and is satisfied with it, he sends a notification message to BANANA00 Marketplace. The company immediately releases the money into the freelance writer’s account. The process is totally safe and quick, because even in the case where the contractor isn’t satisfied, he will receive the entire sum after communicating to BANANA00 Marketplace.

This is the most complete freelance market in existence on Internet, because it protects both seller and buyer of services, In addition, the BANANA00 Marketplace stands out for being flexible and secure, and the commission is very low, only 9%, whereas other companies, like Fiverr, have set them disproportionately up to 20% for each operation.

The BANANA00 Marketplace has reached consolidation and all those who have been worn out through time by putting “seeking freelance writer” in the search engines, finally have the best solution to their demand at hand.