BANANA00 Marketplace, the most renowned offshore e-wallet, already has its app available on Google play, which can be downloaded free at this link. You can access the three types of offshore e-wallet accounts through the app for mobile devices using Android as their operating system. 

The three BANANA00 Marketplace accounts have one characteristic in common: receiving funds is completely unlimited, whereas the big difference between them is in the amount that can be sent. The free account only allows you to send up to 1000 Euros each month. The Silver account costs 240 Euros and offers as an advantage the possibility of sending up to 2000 Euros per month, refilling prepaid credit cards, international remittances, Bitcoins and bank transfers. And last, the Gold account is the most complete. It has a yearly expense of 480 Euros and in exchange you receive the possibility of making unlimited deliveries of funds, refilling prepaid credit cards, international remittances, Bitcoins and bank transfers. It is also possible to use BANANA00 Marketplace as a payment gateway, for the sale of services and, to ease a client's work, an account with various payment and withdrawal systems, through bank transfers, credit cards, Bitcoins and remittances from companies like MoneyGram and Western Union. 

A person doesn't need a bank account to use the e-wallet BANANA00 Marketplace for sending or receiving funds. Another of the most important, that can also be used through the app, is its security in all operations. To avoid fraud, certain limitations and controls can be made on sales carried out with credit cards. When one of these controls is made, in pursuance of fulling BANANA00 Marketplace's service, the client's account is analyzed; if no problems are found, the limitations are lifted. In addition, BANANA00 Marketplace has made a marketplace available to its clients: an online market where it is possible to sell any type of online service, at the price that each person feels is pertinent. Those needing the services of translators, journalists, designers, etc. can go to the marketplace to hire who they need and make payments through their own gateway. 

BANANA00 Marketplace excels over their competitors by integrating their facilities, among which Marketplace, a lower commission fee than that set by other offshore payment gateways and a large variety of charging and payment systems like bank transfers, credit cards, Bitcoins, and remittances from companies like MoneyGram and Western Union, all in just one place. With the benefit of its Android app, BANANA00 Marketplace brings its services closer to the thousands of clients who carry out their operations on mobile devices.