China UnionPay card has been able to consolidate itself worldwide and is presently used in nearly countries. Many people are surprised to hear that UnionPay is the world’s largest credit card brand with nearly 6 billion cards in circulation, surpassing Visa, MasterCard, American Express and all the others. It was founded in China in 2002 but has been expanding aggressively internationally and China UnionPay cards now be used in more than 142 countries worldwide. That includes all major countries of the world, as well as some, such as Cuba, where other major card brands are not accepted.

This prestigious high-limit offshore payment card is already available in both Euro and US Dollar versions as part of the Banana00 offshore e-wallet. Banana00’s offer of the prepaid UnionPay card is a very interesting step that permits all the clients of our offshore e-wallet to take advantage of the different advantages of said cards.

The prepaid Union Pay card is not linked in any way to a bank account related to the cardholder, only to the Banana00 Offshore e-wallet. Obtaining a prepaid Union Pay card is not complicated. Any person older than 18, from any country, can apply for one. It’s not necessary for this person to prove his/her credit history; you only have to fill out the online form available on the Bana00 site, pay the management fees and make the first load or remittance.

How to Apply for UnionPay cards from your Banana00 account?

The person making the online application must, in addition, attach a color copy of his/her passport or National ID, a copy of proof of residence or any fixed expenses (electric, water or phone bill or bank statement) that states his/her address. Once the confirmation process has been completed, the prepaid Union Pay card will be sent to you by secure express courier within 48 hours; you will be able to make purchases or withdraw cash from more than 1.8 million merchants around the world that accept this type of cards.

There are various advantages to using a prepaid Union Pay card:

  • Privacy and Security: because there is no name on the card, you are secure against identity theft.
  • No foreign transaction fees:  UnionPay does not charge extra for cross-border transactions.
  • Quick reloading via your Banana00 Offshore E-Wallet
  • Chip and PIN system for added security
  • High cash withdrawal limits as you would expect from an Offshore Card
  • No geographic restrictions on issue.

It will be possible to keep cash withdrawal expenses to a minimum, because prepaid UnionPay International are accepted by many stores; in addition, you can withdraw cash from ATMs with your card, at any time of day, every day of the year. The prepaid Union Pay card is valid for a period of 1-2 years and, after this, it is automatically renewed. You can be certain that it will be very useful for those looking for privacy and security in their financial transactions.


China UnionPay cards

USD card     

45 USD

Special Offer:  2 USD cards

70 USD

EUR card    

40 EUR

Special Offer:  2 EUR cards

60 EUR



Courier fees worldwide for 1 – 4 cards:        

75 EUR

Minimum load amount per transaction         


Maximum load amount per day

3000 USD/EUR


Fees charged by UnionPay

All fees are charged in USD (converted to EUR at current rates if it is a Euro card)

ATM withdrawal  

USD 4,15

ATM Balance Enquiry

USD 4,15

POS or internet purchase

USD 1,50

Card to card transfer       

USD 7,00

Monthly fee

USD 2,50

Banana00 fee is charged in your account

Card Limits    

Max Ticket Size

USD 2.000,00

(per transaction)

Max Monthly Volume

USD 20.000,00

(total de transacciones por mes)

Max transactions per hour:


Max transactions per day:


Maximum card loading amount per day:

USD 10.000,00

Max Card Balance permitted

USD 50.000,00


FAQ about UnionPay pre-paid cards


Where are UnionPay Cards accepted?

Most merchants in most parts of the world accept UnionPay cards, and more countries are being added all the time. See


Are Prepaid UnionPay cards accepted by online merchants?

Yes, many online merchants accept our Prepaid UnionPay cards. Look for the UnionPay logo on the merchant website or ask.


How do I load my account?

Loading is secure, easy, convenient and quick, direct from your Banana00 Offshore E-Wallet. First, you must have funds on your Offshore E-Wallet. You can load your E-Wallet by a wide variety of methods, with new loading methods being added all the time as we develop partnerships with new payment methods.


Can UnionPay cards be used to verify a PayPal account?

As far as we know, PayPal accepts Union Pay cards for accounts from China. You should be able to log in to your account PayPal account and add the card to your "wallet". Only accounts created with an address in China will have this on option.


Is my card subject to automatic exchange of information?

As these cards are issued offshore, there are no automatic reporting requirements, and accounts are managed according to stringent regulatory and confidentiality laws. These cards are legally classified as a prepaid product (like a prepaid mobile phone balance) and are not linked to any bank account. There is no automatic reporting of the cards or transactions. In case of attempted fraud, money laundering or terrorist financing, we would co-operate fully with the relevant authorities.


Can I apply for more than one card?

Yes, each individual may have two individual cards in each currency, EUR and USD, so up to 4 cards in total. Of course, beyond this, you can also order additional cards for family members, business partners etc. and take advantage of instant card-to-card transfers or you can associate these additional cards with your main Banana00 Offshore E-Wallet for easy direct loading. By ordering up to four cards at the same time, they can all be sent in the same courier package, so you will save on courier fees.


How is the PIN delivered?

The PIN is supplied in a sealed envelope, sent along with the card in the same courier package.


How do I activate the card?

Cards are shipped inactive for security reasons. For the card to be active, you must comply with three requirements:

  • You confirm safe receipt of the card
  • You must have uploaded the required KYC documents
  • You must make your first card load.


Can I check transactions online?

Yes, you will have access to an online card portal for each card where you can keep track of your balance and transactions. We recommend you avoid checking balances in ATM machines as this is subject to a fee, and you can check free online. However, if you are without internet access, or if you lose your online credentials, you can also check your balance in ATM machines.


Can I resell the cards?

Yes, if you would like to resell the UnionPay prepaid cards and will commit to buying at least 50 cards at once, we can offer attractive discounts. Please contact our Support and our Management will get back to you to discuss arrangements.