The BANANA00 Marketplace offshore e-wallet lets Mexican citizens take advantage of the same advantages as an offshore bank account, which means, guarantees in all financial operations and extreme care with personal information in order to maintain anonymity; however, this online service is much more striking than offshore bank accounts because it speeds up the steps of opening an account with its online platform; the physical presence of the holder of said account will never be necessary and, in addition, nor will he ever have the eyes of the tax officials on him; these have complicated the completion of the so-called tax havens’ operations. 

The BANANA00 Marketplace offshore e-wallet makes it possible for those living in Mexico to send and receive money through online bank transfers, credit cards and remittances from businesses like Western Union and MoneyGram. In BANANA00 Marketplace, it is possible to work with three types of accounts: free, Silver and Gold. All of them share a common element: they let you receive money without limitations; the amount of money to be sent is what distinguishes them. For example, it is possible to send up to 1000 Euros with the BANANA00 Marketplace e-wallet free account, by means of credit cards, international bank drafts, bank transfers and remittances, without needing to have an offshore bank account. Whereas with a Silver account, which costs 240 per year, the total limit that can be sent is 2,000 Euros. And last, with the Gold account, which costs 480 Euros annually, Mexican citizens have the possibility of sending unlimited amounts of money, to anywhere in the world. 

These characteristics have placed the BANANA00 Marketplace offshore e-wallet as the most complete existing at present; it also has the lowest surcharge placed on each transaction (9%). BANANA00 Marketplace’s first priority is absolute respect toward the confidentiality of the client’s information. The act of sending and receiving money without needing to resort to an offshore bank account or being forced to answer awkward questions asked by bankers or tax inspectors, as well as the speedy transactions and acceptable commissions are very attractive elements that distinguish BANANA00 Marketplace. 

To all of this can also be added that the BANANA00 Marketplace e-wallet counts on an attractive Marketplace, where it is easy to open a virtual shop and sell products and services online. Another advantage of the BANANA00 Marketplace offshore e-wallet is that people in Mexico can more easily manage their Google AdSense ads and be paid the income they generate with AdSense from this platform. The combination of all of these possibilities has placed the BANANA00 Marketplace e-wallet as a secure and very advantageous option for those living in Mexico, because it surpasses the facilities of an offshore bank account.